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10 Top tips to prepare for your Mountain Leader Assessment

Posted on November 10th, 2017
  1. ​Join a local mountaineering/climbing club which is affiliated to the Outdoor Partnership and the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) in order to gain personal development plan ideas and receive the benefits of 3RD party insurance, get the latest access and conservation news, attend subsidised training courses whilst getting support from like-minded people in your area and getting discounts when purchasing your gear.
  2. Become a member of the Mountain Training Association (MTA), to receive further discounts on gear, shadow qualified professionals and network with people passionate about the mountains.
  3. Do lots of solo walking so that you can practice your navigation skills and make decisions without relying on others. But, remember to leave a route plan with someone and let them know when you are safely back at the car.
  4. Deliberately go out in all weathers. It will test your gear, your fitness and your navigation skills and will give you confidence.
  5. Always take a GPS (fully charged and with spare batteries!) so that you can take a quick glance and check your re-location.
  6. Prepare early. It’s amazing how the months fly by after you’ve booked your assessment. Allow at least 12 months between ML training and assessment.
  7. A mobile phone is essential in case of emergency but make sure it’s fully charged and switch to airplane mode in the hills to save the battery. Pack it away at the bottom of your rucksack and enjoy a peaceful day in the hills without being disturbed.
  8. Register your mobile on ‘text rescue service’. You can call out the emergency services by text when there is very poor reception.
  9. Get a well-fitting rucksack and travel as light as you can. It will save your neck and back from problems later on.
  10. Get the best boots you can afford, with the correct socks and a new sole liner every few months- look after your feet.