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Club Profile :Amlwch Canoe Club

Posted on August 22nd, 2017

​Amlwch Canoe Club formed in late 2009 with the aid of the Outdoor Partnership & Mentor Mon and the Isle of Anglesey CC, by spring 2010 the Club had grown. It had acquired 2 shipping containers several kayaks and 2 opens (Canadian Canoes).

The emphasis was getting qualified and gaining the all-important experience of paddling.

Amlwch CC coasted along with approximately 10 regular members and was gaining a good reputation in the locale.

2011 an application was submitted to Sports Wales whereby we received a substantial grant to purchase sea kayaks and associated equipment, in addition to these we also bought a third Open Canoe, 

By early 2012 we were hitting the high seas proper, several members had attended Coaching sessions organised and subsidised by the OP, this put the Club in a much better position from a responsibility position.

We also became members of InSport an organisation that promotes sports to persons with disabilities by 2016 we had gained their Bronze Award which is a significant achievement, and we are currently looking at their Silver Award which we hope to qualify for.

As I write this we approaching autumn 2017, our membership is now in excess of 30, we regularly get requests from paddlers on holiday in Anglesey asking to paddle with us.

Our reputation is such that we also can be found providing Water Safety Marshals on the numerous triathlons for the swim section.

Most of our paddling is on the sea for obvious reasons however we do make trips into North Wales and paddle the rivers there.

In spring 2018 we will be exercising with the RNLI at Moelfre whereby we hope to have a better understanding of what the RNLI would like us to do if the ‘unthinkable’ ever happened and of course it’s a two way thing for them in that they would have a better understanding of our needs should we ever have to call on their help. 

As mentioned we do have equipment though I must emphasise we do not transport equipment it would be up to the individual to either use a roof rack or ask a Club Member if they have space on their roof.

We do not provide personal clothing as we are unable to dry and clean it.

Our details can be found in the Outdoor Partnerships Club Directory and on Facebook.

Phil Edwards Chair Amlwch Canoe Club