Our Strategy 2021-2031

This strategy sets out The Outdoor Partnership’s vision and objectives for the next 10 years building on its previous strategy.

Our vision
‘Enhancing peoples lives through outdoor activity’

The aim is to review the strategy at least every 3 years and develop a rolling 10 year strategy.

The Outdoor Partnership was established in 2004 bringing public, private and third sector organisations together to work effectively in the outdoor sector with a common vision.

The Outdoor Partnership’s strategic approach envisages a ‘generational change’ where engagement with outdoor activities is the ‘norm’ – an accepted feature of the regular lifestyles of the local population. As a result of its work to date the Outdoor Partnership and its partners and stakeholders has enhanced thousands of people’s lives and empowered and upskilled many communities in Wales and further afield.

Our vision means ENHANCING people’s physical & mental health and wellbeing, economic return (including employment), the social value through OUTDOOR ACTIVITY such as grassroots participation in activities such as walking, cycling, adventure sports (such as climbing, canoeing, paddleboarding, sailing, mountain biking, etc).

Our approach is to continue to deliver these outcomes and impacts to achieve generational change. We have over recent years developed from our North Wales
base to deliver similar outcomes across the rest of Wales and throughout the UK. Our focus for this strategy is to develop these three core principles are at the heart of our strategy and we recognise that The Outdoor Partnership is only as good as our partners and stakeholders (including the end users), who we will work with to deliver the vision and objectives set out in our strategy.

As the Outdoor Partnership expands across new geographical areas our fundamental ethos is enshrined in a core strategy, with local delivery and benefitting from shared learning.

Our Core Vision is Enhancing People’s Lives through Outdoor Activity.

This is the core of our strategy and will apply no matter where any activities are undertaken. The core strategy will develop our priorities which focus on:

  • Enabling/Empowering/Upskilling people to deliver
  • Delivering outcomes and impacts similar to our successes over the years
  • Ensuring long term sustainability of outcomes (such as sustainable clubs,pathways to employment, access etc)

The Core Strategy has been developed following your feedback and input.

Our focus is to work with local stakeholders, partners, end users and organisations to ensure that the delivery of our strategy is

  • Focused on the needs of the local area to identify how best to improve lives through outdoor activity
  • Empower local people to deliver the right local outcomes which make the biggest difference
  • Targets the right funding in the local area maximising the local opportunities

The local delivery can work in a number of different ways, through informal stakeholder input to more formal organisations established, as long as the prime focus is locally determined activity wherever Outdoor Partnership activities are delivered they will follow these principles of local delivery prior to implementation.

All stakeholders and the Outdoor Partnership will benefit from a shared learning which is two way:

  • The Outdoor Partnership will ensure that local areas benefit from the lessons and expertise gained over the years of operation
  • There will be opportunities for new local areas to feed through their experiences to help influence future strategy and programme development

The commitment to shared learning will be an integral part of the future strategy, which is linked to the outcomes.