The Outdoor Partnership provides opportunities for local residents from all walks of life, in all our operating regions, to become involved with the Outdoors through our core programmes;

Community Cohesion
The Community Cohesion programme provides taster sessions, development programmes, events, and festivals in a variety of land and water based outdoor activities breaking down barriers that currently exist for under-represented groups to access their natural resources. It also develops new and supports existing community-based outdoor activity clubs and groups to become sustainable, welcoming and act as exit roots to people for life-long participation.
Pathways to Employment
The Pathways to Employment programme uses outdoor activities to help young NEET people (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and long-term unemployed people back onto a pathway to further learning, training, volunteering, and employment. Pathways to Employment also includes various programmes in specific regions that aim to increase the number of people who are applying for trainee positions at outdoor centres and outdoor businesses in that area.
Health and Wellbeing
The Health and Wellbeing programme utilises existing structures to bring together a collaboration of partners from the outdoor and health sectors to increase physical activity levels, improve mental and physical health and provides links with local community clubs and groups enabling people to lead independent long term active lifestyles. It uses outdoor activities (walking, climbing, cycling and water-based activities such as paddle sports, sailing, open water swimming) as an intervention to improve people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
We support people of all ages, gender, creed, nationalities, orientation, and socio-economic circumstances to take up outdoor activities as a life-long pursuit. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes proactively enagage with underrepresented groups and address the barriers that exist to participation, particulary women and other marginalised genders, ethnic minority communities and economically deprived groups.
The Outdoor Partnership very much values the work of Volunteers. Our aim is to provide high quality, sustainable volunteer opportunities to anyone within our operating regions who would like to be able to do so! Our Volunteering programme is open to anyone wishing to volunteer in the outdoor sector and we can advise and support volunteers looking for opportunities to help out within their local community.
Adventure Learning
Our Adventure Learning Framework has been developed to support schools across Wales to connect adventure learning and outdoor and adventurous activities to a learner's understanding and appreciation of their ‘Cynefin’ and aligns with the new Curriculum for Wales.